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Cutlerymate – #1 rated cutlery storage system

Part of the Chimo Group of Companies

Cutlerymate - the finest modular cutlery storage system

The only way to store your quality cutlery

A best seller in our webshop, the Cutlerymate cutlery storage system is undoubtedly the best way to store fine quality cutlery.

A compact and versatile storage solution

Exclusive to Chimo it is a modular self-assembly system which holds each piece of cutlery separately in specially designed holders rather than stacking it one piece on top of another where it scratches and/or wears off the plating.

With virtually unlimited combinations, with holders for 6, 8 or 12 for the main pieces and singles or doubles for other pieces. Available in traditional dark green or rich burgundy with additional selected special colours for larger orders.

Complete protection for your fine cutlery

Each individual component of the Cutlerymate system is carefully manufactured using specially shaped wooden blocks and covered with a thick acid-free felt fabric, impregnated with special anti-tarnish properties to fully protect your cutlery.

Even more importantly, and as stated above – instead of stacking the cutlery, every piece is held separately to eliminate the scratching and wearing of silver or gold plate in storage. That’s how Cutlerymate looks after your cutlery to the same standards of the most expensive cabinet on the market – at a fraction of the price!  Stylish, yet inexpensive

Because Cutlerymate is installed into existing furniture it is extremely cost effective. Cheaper than even the lowest price canteen, yet Cutlerymate is as good for your cutlery as the most expensive tailor-made cabinets, and far more practical than cutlery rolls. You can buy it individually or in sets.

Cutlerymate may save you even more money. Valuable cutlery is a prime target for burglars, and if stored in a canteen, it is highly visible, and so easily removed and stolen. Cutlerymate keeps it out of sight – so important in the average impulse “smash and grab” break-in.

Cutlerymate is easy to plan and fit

Simply cut the self adhesive drawer liner to the exact drawer size required, remove the backing and carefully stick it into your drawer or tray. Alternatively, make a false bottom to the drawer out of hardboard and stick the drawer liner to this. The base can then be lifted out for cleaning, etc.

Lay out the blocks with your cutlery to find the best arrangement. Then just peel off the self adhesive backing paper on the base of each block and press into position – that’s all there is to it!

Once you have installed the holders, simply slot in each piece of cutlery individually and cover with specially impregnated anti-tarnish cover cloth to keep your cutlery in perfect condition until you next use it. Please note: the cover cloth is not necessary with stainless steel cutlery, although it does help to keep the area dust free.

Give your cutlery the protection and care it deserves with Cutlerymate.

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