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Return Policy

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen take a lot of time and effort ensuring the high quality of our products. Equally the quality control and packing departments are very diligent in ensuring all items and orders are carefully packed and despatched in perfect condition.

Therefore, happily, it is very unusual for goods to arrive in a substandard or damaged condition. However, when it does very occasionally happen, we have to determine how and/or when the damage took place and whether there is an insurance or replacement claim. Similarly, with shortages we are very careful to ensure we send the correct amount ordered. Therefore, we ask that all orders are checked on receipt and we are notified in writing/e-mail within 7 days of delivery if the goods delivered are damaged, substandard or if there is a shortfall.

Unfortunately, after 7 days we cannot accept any claim especially with regard to damaged goods as we have to notify our carriers of any damage also within that period.

Please look carefully at parcels on delivery to see the cartons are intact. If they are not, please ensure staff when signing for the goods that they clearly note the package/carton was damaged on the carrier’s paperwork.


As all products are made to order & due to the nature of the products we manufacture we have to produce extra to ensure we can send the numbered ordered, as we cannot guarantee that every product will pass our strict quality control. This sometimes results in us having extra perfect products left over, so it is always our policy that we will ship those extra as long as they are 100% up to standard. However, this will never exceed 5% of the quantity ordered. We ask for your understanding in this matter but if you cannot accept overages please notify us in writing.


As mentioned above all products are made to order, so we carry very little finished stock, only “parts” stock to enable to make finished products – so please bear this mind when anticipating delivery times.


It is not our policy to manufacture or sell substandard products often called “seconds”.