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Trade Enquiries

This is a trade website and we sincerely welcome enquiries from bona-fide trade customers in the UK, Europe and throughout the world that are established businesses/organisations. (In the UK/EU they will usually have a VAT number). The general public can buy product from our separate site Chimodirect.

This trade website has a special quotation system, which operates similarly to a basket system. Place the products & quantities that are of interest in the quote basket – complete the contact details and send. We will then respond with a trade quotation based on the items in the quote basket.

All first orders are on a pro-forma basis, and on satisfactory completion an application for credit facilities can be applied for. Our credit terms are firmly set out and adhered to and if at any time any agency has to be used to collect payment(s) the credit facility will be withdrawn, and the account permanently returned to a pro-forma basis. To apply for a Trade credit facility please e-mail 

Please note: the use of any of Chimo’s trading names or logos without specific written permission of Chimo Holdings management ( is strictly forbidden. Permission will be revoked for any misuse or abuse of the agreed rules.