MiS award

Why Chimo?

A sign of quality by a leading genuine Sheffield cutlery & giftware manufacturer

Any quality knife should be made of two parts with a separate blade firmly attached to a separate handle. This is so the blade can be forged in martensitic stainless steel, a special quality steel specifically made for blades, containing a higher level of carbon so the blade can have, and retain a superior cutting edge.

Virtually all imported knives these days are one piece or monobloc knives (see below) with completely out of balance heavy** handles, but more importantly inferior quality blades. Monobloc knife blades are rolled and stamped out of the same standard stainless steel as the handles and at very best this can only be 18/10 or more often 13/0 steel. This lower grade of stainless cannot be sharpened, so they put a thin serrate in the blade which at best can only tear the meat apart.

“Then sadly Customers complain about the quality of a restaurant’s meat instead of blaming the real reason – an inferior quality knife”

** Mistakenly many people believe that a heavier handled knife is a sign of better quality where in fact the very opposite is true – a properly balanced two piece knife with a martensitic stainless blade set into a hollow 18/10 stainless handle is a better quality knife.

Tricketts have been manufacturing quality cutlery especially knives for the hospitality and catering industry, since 1880. That 140+ years’ experience enables us to produce a wide range of top quality knives, all with martensitic steel blades that simply slice through meat which adds to that special dining experience.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen are dedicated to the traditional standards which made Sheffield world renowned. Their eye for detail ensures knife blades are properly ground, polished, whet/sharpened by hand to ensure the perfect cut time after time. Each knife is individually finished to ensure they meet the highest standard of table cutlery so they can carry the signature mark ‘Tricketts of Sheffield’.

If you need better quality knives then contact us – “Tricketts of Sheffield” to discuss your specific requirements. As manufacturers rather than importers, we can usually manufacture to bespoke needs.