MiS award

Tricketts of Sheffield

"Making dining enjoyable" - our speciality, since 1880

Founded in 1880 by Walter Trickett, a cutler and silversmith, his Company soon established a reputation for quality products. Located at Anglo Works on Trippett Lane in Sheffield for many years the factory became well known and is still a listed building, although no longer a cutlery factory.

Over the years the Company built a considerable export business especially to the USA as well as supplying cutlery and tableware to restaurants and hotels both in the UK and in various countries around the world.

Tricketts made a special canteen of cutlery – a gift from the City of Sheffield to TRH the Duke & Duchess of York on the occasion of their wedding in 1986. Shortly afterwards in 1989 the assets of Walter Trickett & Co Ltd were purchased by Chimo Holdings, their first acquisition in Sheffield.

Renamed “Tricketts of Sheffield” the Company has continued to build a solid reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality cutlery and tableware to the hospitality and catering industry.

Particularly well known as the leading manufacturer of ‘ proper’ sharp knives – by using specially hardened martensitic (contains more carbon) stainless steel for our blades which gives a far better cutting edge.  Also the cream (faux bone) and black handled cutlery range, which has now been developed as dish-washer safe, which has enabled us to expand our markets not only in the UK but also overseas.

Today our team of highly skilled craftsmen are dedicated to the traditional standards that made Tricketts renowned. Their eye for detail ensures their martensitic blades are properly ground, polished whet/sharpened by hand to ensure the perfect cut every time. The same attention is also given to spoon and forks and each piece is individually quality controlled to meet the highest standard of table cutlery, so they can carry the signature mark “Tricketts of Sheffield”.