MiS award

White Rose Silverware

Part of the Chimo Group of Companies

White Rose Silverware, named after the county flower of Yorkshire, is the original company of the Chimo Holdings group having been started in the 1960’s by the current Team Principal’s mother Margaret Hudson to help pay school fees.

It was originally a wholesale company that bought and sold silverware products made in Sheffield. WRS sold these goods to many of Britain’s best known stores at that time and became a successful small Company.

In the early 1980’s the current owner and Team Principal Chris Hudson returned from Canada ostensibly to help sell the business, which (obviously) never happened, and in 1989 with the purchase of the assets of Walter Trickett & Co Ltd, White Rose Silverware changed from being a wholesaler into becoming a fully-fledged Sheffield manufacturer.

This led to the formation of Chimo Holdings. Chimo being an Innuit word of greeting meaning, “friendship, brotherhood and trust”, which appealed to Chris during his time living in Canada.