MiS award

William Yates -1750

Master Cutlers & Silversmiths since 1750

William Yates was founded in 1750 and is one of Sheffield’s oldest Companies still trading. It remained a family run business for over 250 years through seven generations during which time the UK had 10 monarchs.

They were well respected as a manufacturer of a large range of cutlery blanks and in later years they specialised in manufacturing hallmarked sterling silver cutlery and ancillary pieces. In the latter stages of this illustrious period a strong link with Chimo was established and in 2003 the assets of the Company were acquired in a friendly transfer to Chimo Holdings.

All the machinery and the unique collection of dies were transferred to White Rose Works (a distance of approx. 100 yards/metres!!). Exciting new developments are planned for a William Yates signature range as 2020 approaches, which will mark the 270 th year of the Company.